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Variable Speed Electric Control

Variable Speed Electric Control

This is the industry's only Variable Speed Electric Control

Videos of F.A.Q.

Can I get a wireless remote version of the HydraSTX?  Will it be variable speed?
Can I put the  HydraSTX system on my older Hydrabed?
What are the benefits that HydraSTX offers over other electric controls?
What shifts the valve?
What kind of batteries are used in the wireless remote?
Can I operate auxiliary hydraulics with the HydraSTX? For example Hydrafeeder, etc.
Can I get the wireless remote only and not have the dash mounted in-cab controller?
What is the life expectancy of the HydraSTX system?
Will the servos overheat if I run one too long?
Will the HydraSTX system make my Hydrabed run slower all the time?
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