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Integrated Reel Transport Flatbed

Safe, Dependable, Single-Operator Reel Handling

The Reel Lift Utility HydraBed will load and transport reels weighing up to 5,000 lbs. Every bed comes with a control valve mounted in a top body toolbox mounted at the back corner of the bed. This valve is fully proportional, giving the operator reliable, safe control of the reel, heavy materials or equipment needed to be transported to and from the job site. Engine driven hydraulics are typically utilized to power the bed but electric over hydraulic operation is possible as well. Reel axle jaws are located at the end of the arms and are simple for a single

person to safely use. The bed is designed to carry reels over the truck axle for maximum stability. Engineered into the bed is a drop hitch with a Category 5 receiver tube. An optional tool circuit is also available to run hydraulic tools requiring between 5 GPM and 11 GPM of flow and up to 2,200 psi.

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Never exceed GVWR
Reel Lift Hydrabed can accomodate tool boxes on or under the deck
One operator can easily, quickly and safely load and transport conduit or cable without the need to pull a reel trailer 
The open deck allows transport of other material and equipment
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